Strength in Numbers: Health Benefits Strategies for Better Coverage at Lower Costs

In this free webinar, we'll show you how to strengthen health benefits for your organization at a fraction of the cost.

Find out how Remodel Health has been helping organizational leaders transform their traditional health benefits into revenue-generating strategies that improve the lives of their employees!

We'll show you how individual insurance is stronger than ever before.

  • When you make the switch to individual health insurance, you are placed in a pool with everyone in your state, not just the people in your company. This significantly lowers the cost of healthcare and strengthens your individual plan!
  • Remodel Health can strengthen your budget by helping your org save 30-50% on health benefits. Legislation like the Inflation Reduction Act has continued to strengthen the power of individual insurance. This bill lowers the cost of health benefits for millions of Americans.
  • Your org can save money while providing the best plan options for your people. These robust plans give you the most bang for your buck and can help transform your health benefits.
  • The Inflation Reduction Act Represents the government's efforts to continue strengthening the Affordable Care Act. The subsidies and tax credits available to Americans through this act will help millions of families on the ACA save $2,400 a year on their premiums.

We will see a $1 million savings this year on health benefits.
When you look at the options that Remodel [Health] provides, and then you look at a traditional health plan, you're going to see a large difference in what you can do and how far your money will go.